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We are a leading healthcare consulting company dedicated to improving patient outcomes.

What We Do

Adapted from Duffy, J (2018). Quality Caring Model© in Quality Caring in Nursing and Health Systems: Implications for Clinicians, Educators, and Leaders. New York, NY: Springer Publishing, p. 49.

QualiCare professionals deliver consulting, research, and educational services designed to assist health care organizations and universities transform their practices to maximize patient and student outcomes. Using a relationship-centric approach, QualiCare’s experts partner with clients to design, implement, and evaluate evidence-based solutions, offer leadership support, and provide innovative development programs that “fit” unique organizations. 

QualiCare bases its work on the Quality-Caring Model© and uses scientific principles in a systematic manner to drive improvement. QualiCare works with some of the nation’s leading health systems and universities, has conducted numerous engagements worldwide, and is a leading consultant in professional practice model integration. Our unique blend of relationship quality and use of best evidence positions QualiCare to achieve innovative results and sustained value.